Lizardy Mythos

One green lizard called Lizac lived in a small reptile tree-village. He lived alone in his tree-house. He lived there alone because other-ones felt he was very eccentric and so they didnít like him as everything different. But there was a reason of his peculiarity. It was caused by his panic evoked by his enemy-lizard named Cazil. Cazil went out only at night and so nobody kneh him. Every night Cazil visited Lizacís door and threatened Lizac with catching and torturing him because Lizac was a poor and powerless lizard and Cazil said that his obligation was to destroy weak lizard like Lizac was. Lizac wasnít able to say anything. His fear made him crazy. His insanity began reach the peak. Lizac heard Cazilís voice all the time; not onlyat night during Cazilís terrible visits. The voice told Lizac:ďYou arenít able to escape! Iím watching you!ď and it told him more and more clearly and strongly.

Lizac saw just one way of escape and it was leaving this cursed place with all its reptile-horrors and so to save himself. Because it seemed to be graet idea Lizac did as said. Early in the morning he left his villiage and ran away. He ran for a long time. He stopped himself when he felt thirst more than fear. Everything seemd allright and he went to find a water. When he found a stream and was trying to drink he saw his mirrored face in the water and he recognized he was Lizac and Cazil together. He just knew he can never escape but he also knew how to destroy Casil. He felt his victory filling his mind.

He found mountain covered sharp cliffs and went to climb up the top. He looked down at sharp rasor-blades of rock. Lizac finally felt Cazilís fear. Lizacís mind was clear and easy and now was master of his life. He jumped into the jaw of cliff. He was a crazy winner of life and rock did echo LizacĎs laugh. His Deamon was banished.